One hundred years ago, very few people worked from home and the houses of that period (Edwardian and Victorian before) did not cater for the very few who did. Working from home was the preserve of the elite, the artist, the author, but fast forward a century to any town in Britain and you can see vast numbers of people who work from home.

Some call it the gig economy, others freelance, but whatever term you use, it’s a trend that’s growing annually and one we’re asked to look at in many locations around Southend and Essex.

Many property developers have latched on to this demand and have taken to placing home offices downstairs and some families have abandoned the formal dining room or spare bedroom to create one.

There is another solution however that many people are latching on to and that’s the garden office, or shedworking, as the community calls itself.

A shed may well conjure up images of spidery garden tools, an old lawnmower and bikes, but the modern home office or garden office is a totally different animal.

So what are the advantages of a home office in your garden in Essex?

  1. Freelancers love the separation it brings. A plush garden office creates a boundary between home and work – even though the commute is only 20 steps down a path. There’s that ability to shut down the computer and re-enter family life with a wander back up the garden.
  2. Fixtures and fittings are tax-deductible. You can also claim “simplified business expenses” which are detailed clearly here.
  3. A garden home office can be personalised however you want it as you dictate the dimensions. If you work solo and rarely have visitors, space for a desk, chair and shelving may suffice, but if two or more work there, you can increase the size.
  4. It looks professional. With the rise of social media marketing and videos, showcasing your bespoke home office on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, can give you more credibility than being shoehorned in a spare small bedroom.
  5. Eco-friendly. New garden offices have incredible heat efficiency and thermal insulation. If you’ve ever been in a modern touring caravan or a holiday lodge, you’ll know how warm and cost-effective these are in terms of heating. Mesh wifi routers and extenders mean that your garden office broadband is as strong as that of your house.

Other reasons we often hear from happy customers who’ve had offices installed by Steve and his team are: peace and tranquillity, closeness to nature, and no office politics!

There’s another reason to invest in one too.

Can you guess?

A home office, a garden office in your property in Southend, Rayleigh, Rochford, Colchester, or wherever you’re located, will ADD VALUE to your property.

As the number of people working from home rises, so will demand for homes that have just that.

Whether you’re a start up, a freelancer, a small business or a growing business, a home office from SMH Property Services could be just what you’re looking for.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you fall in love with home work again.

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